Course Features

The school adopts a thematic and activity-based teaching method, providing training and instruction to individual children through small group activities. The curriculum emphasises the comprehensive and balanced development of children, including “character development,” “physical development,” “cognitive and language development,” “aesthetic development,” and “emotional and social development.

The arrangement and planning of the school curriculum primarily utilize “drama-based teaching” as a main medium, allowing children to learn from life experiences and play. Through language use, physical movements, and creativity, children can express emotions, build confidence, and enhance social communication. This approach aims to foster comprehensive and balanced development in children.

The school also emphasises on the character development of children, focusing on cultivating a sense of gratitude and encouraging them to develop a positive and optimistic attitude, enabling them to bravely face various challenges.

Our experienced foreign English teachers and Mandarin teachers organize a wide range of interactive language learning activities within a dynamic learning environment. These activities are designed to cultivate children’s confidence and language skills in using English and Mandarin.