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課程目標 ​Curriculum Objectives

課程目標Curriculum Objectives

學校按2017年幼稚園教育課程指引所示,鼓勵幼兒多與大自然接觸,培養對事物產生好奇心和探索精神,並以五感進行觀察,舉行了大大小小的親子戶外活動,將教室搬到戶外,幼兒、家長和老師一起變身為學習者,邊看邊學邊探索,在討論中增添不少歡樂氣氛,既是遊戲也是學習,彼此得益,彼此成長。另外學校培養每個人都常存感恩的心,珍惜一切,持樂觀的人生,勇敢積極面對人生挑戰。 According to the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide(2017), encourage children to explore the physical world with multiple senses in order to discover the fascinating things. Also, we held many parent-child outdoor activities and moved classrooms outdoors, let children, parents and teachers be learners to watch, learn, explore and discuss together. In addition, the school cultivates a grateful heart, treasure everything, stay optimistic, bravely and proactively face the challenges of life.
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學習模式 Learning Style

學習模式Learning Style

遊戲是最能配合幼兒年齡發展特徵的有效途徑。小朋友喜歡與人一起玩耍、合作和模仿,我們在不斷努力探索和經驗累積,考慮幼兒能力和興趣,在家長、老師和幼兒的共識下,我們採用「戲劇教學」為學校課程的編排和策劃,讓幼兒從生活經驗和遊戲中學習,透過運用語言、肢體動作和創造力抒發情緒、建立自信、促進社交發展,更而得到全面均衡的發展。 Play is the most effective way to match the developmental characteristics of young children as they age. Children love to play with others, cooperate and imitate. We are constantly striving to explore and gain experience, taking into account the child's abilities and interests. With the consensus of parents, teachers and children, we use "drama teaching" to arrange and plan the school curriculum. Let children learn from life experience and games, express emotions, build self-confidence, promote social development, and achieve comprehensive and balanced development through words, body movements and creativity.
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校內設施 Facility

校內設施 Facility

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